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Dedicated SMTP Servers
Tbulkmail SMTP eliminates the complexity and expense of building an in-house email solution or licensing, installing, and operating a third-party email service.

Email delivery management
Most service providers are unable to serve a system where you may track every email as it involves high budget requirement. We are here for you with a system where you will be able to track down each and every mail individually. Our services include completely white-labelled system, DKIM & SPF management and much more.

Dedicated Route : We ensure that the email are given a dedicated and most effective route without any sharing.
Quick Delivery : The route being dedicated and IP address completely fresh, delivery rates are high with a quick and managed services.
Dedicated IP address : Due to your own dedicated IP will help in the reduction of low performance and negative reputation, and you may manage your IP's status.
Custom DKIM & SPF : Our services are worth for you as you can decide by which domain name you want the DKIM & SPF signature to be created.
Real Time Statistics : Get the instant statistical and graphical status report generated, of your emails sent, without any hidden information.
Tracking of each Email : Our relay services will help you get the complete tracking of every email sent and that too for each email individually.
Abuse management : Get a complete report of those who are abusing or marking report spam of your mails. This will help you clean up your database.
Open and link tracking : Facility to get the logs of the open rate, link forwarding rate so that you may track your email.
High availability : We make sure that the users don't face the downtime issue in the given mailing services.

Multiple API Options : Through the XML, HTTP & SMTP you'll be allowed to get the reports from time to time.
Support all application : We provide a system which will support all possible applications for example OutLook, InterSpire, SenderBlaster, Atomic Mail Sender, for others we will help you setup & integrate the system.
Bounce management : While using our email services, you'll be given a list of bounce email address which would be useful to refine your database.
Support : Full support service available via phone and email.