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Email marketing

Email marketing is defined by loyalty and repeat business strategy where an email is send to potential customers or current customers in order to have a look on update services and new products/services launched by the company. Here, we call an exact marketing plan to gain the attraction of potential audience and developing the relationship among the merchants with the aim to optimize a business. Email marketing service is a kind of direct marketing strategy where an email is directly send to the previous and current customers in order to collect their revert in the form of reviews about the product. There are several points that one need to review while implementing the email marketing strategy like theme of email, color combination, content and major target audience all these points make the email marketing more effective and responsive. Whether you follow mass mailing or bulk e-mail marketing services, users show some hesitation and ignore such mails. So, it is very important to make very smart and intelligent Title with approachable description in order to make audience to revert the same.

Email Marketing newsletter and email campaigns: Build customer relationships. Make sales. Promote your goods and services. Gather data. Tbulkmail's email marketing software delivers powerful, user-friendly and affordable tools to create, send and track by real time report, high-performance email and newsletter campaigns.

Pay As You Go: Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy to get started, and does not bind you to annual, pre-paid contracts, like the other guys. This is a (no risk - no obligation - no contract) mass e-mail marketing solution. And since we run "in the cloud" there's nothing to install.

Increase sales Revenues
Turn your email messages into revenue generators! Choose from 140+ stunning HTML templates to create unlimited campaigns, follow-up messages, and high-click-through video emails!
Monitor Your Campaign
Track every metric you need to optimize campaigns! Check opens, clicks, sales, blocked and sources right from your browser. Get reports in your inbox.
Know Your Customers
Don't waste time and money by guessing! Find out what customers want with our free web forms and surveys. Improve products, create profiles, and target your campaigns for higher ROI!
CRM Integration
Integration with CRM means full visibility into e-mail responses by your Contacts and Leads.
Pay as you go
Simple pricing with no eMail limitation. T Bulk Mail follow number of email send by you there is no bandwidth & annual contracts.
Statistics and Reporting
Run reports on e-mail effectiveness including open rates, click rates and even CRM field-level data in simple graphics format.
Simple design editor
Use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to make changes to your email campaigns. You can format text, upload and insert images, add links and more.
Inbuilt 140+ templates
Design your email campaign using inbuilt 140+ w3 verified templates of 20+ business categories.
Enhance Google Analytics
Integrate Google analytics code with E-mail campaign and you can track website clicks and feed Google Analytics.
Web site Integration API
Integrate Tbulkmail Marketer with your website by simple HTML subscription forms, Joomla, Wordpress tools.
Direct To Inbox
Tbulkmail Marketing delivers your email direct in inbox, we provide dedicated IP address to our each reseller.
Forward to a friend
Your newsletter reader will also be able to forward the campaign to friends and this list also gets saved in your contact list.
Automatic Bounces
Email Processing. See who bounced and why, and we'll figure out if we should try again or remove them from your contact list.
We make sure you don't accidentally try and send to them again in the future and follow CAN-SPAM Act.
Email authentication technologies like Sender ID and DomainKeys / DKIM protect your reputation and ensure deliverability.


Compare Campaigns and Spot Trends: Statistics like open and click rates are useful for each campaign, but it's when you can go beyond just the email, and track where people go on your website, and what they purchase, that you really get to the heart of your ROI. Tbulkmail gives you this power.

Leverage E-mail Marketing & Website Activity: Use E-mail Marketing in conjunction with our Web Intelligence product to take your marketing campaigns to the highest level of performance. Not only will you know who is interacting with your e-mails, you will also know which web pages they view - giving you full insight into campaign impact. Gain the deep campaign insight you always wanted, and dramatically increase your sales and marketing performance.