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We can provide you with enormous database of people interested in your websites as a part of your website promotion campaign. It is an excellent way to promote online.

What needs to be remembered is that e-mail campaigns are different from spamming. Spamming is sending mails to people who are unknown, by way of origin or interest areas. Spamming has a very low turn around rate, very few visitors are likely to take your mail seriously.

Alternatively, E-Mail campaigns are sent to targeted users who have shown interest in receiving mails. These databases are available with sites, e.g. while registering for Hotmail or Yahoo the last but one screen prompts the user for information on his interest areas and also asks the user if he would like to receive mails in his selected areas of interest. Over a period of time, such sites have a database of users which has been classified as per their areas of interest and geographic location. These databases can be purchased for a price and then bulk mails sent to the target audience. TBULKMAIL has a Bulk Mail Software available that allows you to send personalized HTML content to thousands of people, a much better option than sending a BCC to your users.


In an Enterprise, Collaboration and Communication means business. The architecture and infrastructure of this service is directly linked to your organizations top line growth and bottom line performance.

The whole world runs on communications yet there is no single tool that can be used by one and all. Free mail services are good for the non-business community. Domain based, pure play, mailing solutions are good for the business community. Almost 80% - 90% of the global email traffic is SPAM that these businesses need to cope up with. For an Enterprise to run smoothly, the communications lines should be free from clutter, Ultra fast and reliable. They need a far superior mailing solutions to meet the complex demands. Achieving these goals is tricky and needs more resources largely because of the original goals that set the foundation of building the Internet and the Internet community.

Essentially the Enterprise Mailing solution must meet the basic collaboration and communication needs, must have a perimeter defense line and must have its own cleaner and faster internal roads before merging with the maddening Internet super-high way traffic. These mails include Auto-generated mails, where you need to send mails on some trigger / events. We shall be glad to discuss your needs, consult and suggest optimal solutions for your needs.