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Reseller Email Marketing
Tbulkmail is the number 1 source for email reseller marketing. For success of Reseller Email marketing must provide SPAM free High Delivery Rate, Speed, Up-time of server, so Tbulkmail reseller email marketing system introduce SBM Tunnel. Now we have same question, What is SBM Tunnel, and how SBM tunnel fulfil the basic requirements of Email Marketing.

High Email Delivery Email List Management
Tbulkmail is a valuable complement to your delivery reporting. Tbulkmail control delivery by Inbox Monitoring, Message Validation, Blacklist monitoring, Design and Delivery.
Tbulkmail (SBM V3.2) manage your all contact list in neat and clean auto mode. SBM will remove all Bounced, Inactive, Unsubscribed and Report Spam subscribers from contact list.
Whitelisting Services Reputation Management Tools
An e-mail whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive email from and should not be sent to the trash folder..
Tbulkmail also provide you your reputation on internet, SBM will give you points and according to this, we will give you reputation bar before 90% of reputation you get inbox delivery.
Spam Reporting by FBL Automated Email Marketer
In your statistics, you also get how many subscribers report spam your email campaign. By FBL we get list of users that report spam your campaign from AOL, Yahoo, OpenSRS etc..
Follow up with clients automatically, and stay in touch with those who leave you. Maximise the potential of your client base by sending out auto emails using this powerful new tool.
Tracking and Reporting Support
You can get all type of statistics like how many subscribers open your campaign, how many subscribers unsubscribe your mailing list, how many are bounced, report spam, linked on click.
Tbulkmail support department provides On-call Support and eMail support.