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What's More for Resellers??

Unlimited Reselling Architecture!! Tbulkmail provides the facility to create the super-reseller account of infinite depth and the super-reseller may further proceed by creating the super-reseller under them. The super-resellers are authorized to manage the resellers, view the statistics report and may activate or deactivate the accounts in case of any kind of malicious activities performed.
One Page Statistics!! The number of users active under the reseller may be more or less but still reseller is capable of keep in view the complete statistics on a single page no matter the number of users. Statistics include how many mails were opened, how many of them were bounced and about any kind of malicious activity if performed by the account holder. This statistics help the reseller to be updated of the status of the users so to take the proper action in case of unfavorable condition so to maintain its own reputation.
Full Control On Reseller!! Full authorized access is provided in order to activate, deactivate reseller anytime. Full control is provided for providing the credits, reverting the credits, to examine the number of credits remaining. Also sorting could be done based on the number of credits in the reseller's account. This provision of control on reseller helps to maintain the records properly and halts the reseller to do any kind of un-eligible activity.
White labeled!! White labeling is the process where a company makes a product and others sell this product under their brand through white labeled marketing. The procedure is that a company when sells a white labeled product to its reseller then the reseller is free to use its own brand name to sell the product further as if they had created the product.
Powered by Cloud Computing!! Maintaining queues of mailing complicates the stuff as the speed is lowered, but the case is not the same here due to cloud computing which helps increase the speed. In this case as the mailing list increases, speed increases. There is no need to maintain the queue as it is automatically distributed. Cloud computing enables to use the remote central servers to maintain data and applications which are easily used by the resellers.
Step Wizard For DKIM and SPF!! NEW! It appears that some of your approved senders are missing SPF and/or DKIM authentication. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records provide a way to protect against forged e-mail. It gives domain owners a way to tell which mail sources are legitimate for domains, and which ones are not. Not all spam is forged, but forged mail is almost always spam. Domain Keys are used to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender, thus verifying the integrity of the message.
Reputation Management!! A proper management is the prime responsibility of the super-reseller which will help us know the position of the user . How many emails are opened, how many remained closed, bounced email numbers and the knowledge about the malicious activities of the users. This all is required in order to control the activities of the user so that to inhibit any kind of unwanted activities.
Auto Control Of Users!! In case of any kind of unwanted activities performed by the user, the super-reseller (central) is fully authorized to deactivate or terminate that particular user's account so to keep the system under control and properly managed. Or in the other case if required the new account could be created.
Email Template Bundle!! Inbuilt templates are provided to the resellers and on every auspicious occasion new templates will be send and these templates will be according to the occasion. This feature of email template to be send will be regularly followed which will surely help in building the reputation and grace in the email marketing promotion.